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New Books!

Hello GCC Community!

Below please find an assortment of new print and ebook titles, selected by your GCC librarians.

See something you'd like to read? Review our guide on borrowing print books from the Verdugo Library. Need a book delivered to the Garfield campus? No problem! We can help with that too. Just contact your division's liaison librarian and we'll take care of it. 

Ebooks can be read online or downloaded. Read more about how to use our ebooks here

And, as always, let us know if you have a recommendation for a title we should consider for our collection. 

Happy reading!

Print Books

Around the world in 80 plants
Beloved beasts : fighting for life in an age of extinction
Bee people and the bugs they love
Can I recycle this?: a guide to better recycling and how to reduce single-use plastics
The code breaker : Jennifer Doudna, gene editing, and the future of the human race
The debt trap : how student loans became a national catastrophe
Dedicated : the case for commitment in an age of infinite browsing
Entertaining race : performing Blackness in America
Everyday bias : identifying and navigating unconscious judgments in our daily lives
Fathoms: The world in the whale
Female husbands : a trans history
Free speech handbook : a practical framework for understanding our free speech protections
From sit-ins to #revolutions : media and the changing nature of protests
The good drone : how social movements democratize surveillance
Magic : a history : from alchemy to witchcraft, from the Ice Age to the present
The new breed : what our history with animals reveals about our future with robots
Playlist for the Apocalypse : poems
Political cyberbullying : perpetrators and targets of a new digital aggression
Rationality : what it is, why it seems scarce, why it matters
Rediscovering the Islamic classics : how editors and print culture transformed an intellectual tradition
The sum of the people : how the census has shaped nations, from the ancient world to the modern age


The arc of love : how our romantic lives change over time
Begin again : James Baldwin's America and its urgent lessons for our own
Bodies and barriers : queer activists on health
The Drama of Celebrity
Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion--and the future of clothes
Gamer nation : the rise of modern gaming and the compulsion to play again
Latinos in the American political system : an encyclopedia of Latinos as voters, candidates, and office holders
Learning in the fast lane : the past, present, and future of advanced placement
Leave It in the Ground: the Politics of Coal and Climate
Living with hate in American politics and religion : how popular culture can defuse intractable differences
Rainforest : dispatches from earth's most vital frontlines
Rap on trial : race, lyrics, and guilt in America
Secondhand : travels in the new global garage sale
Shared reality : what makes us strong and tears us apart
The spider's thread : metaphor in mind, brain, and poetry

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