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GCC Library's Guide to Career Resources


Getting Out of a Career Rut video from Films on Demand

Presented by Peter Quarry, this video discusses career networking and other ways to overcome boredom in your career.

"Future of Work" video series from Films On Demand

This three-part series from PBS in Films On Demand explores what types of jobs might be available in the future and how to prepare for them.


The Way We Work Video Series on TED

"The Way We Work is an original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions." -- From the TED website

Workplace, redefined by women of color TED Talk

"Corporate inclusion visionary Deepa Purushothaman shares how women of color can advocate for themselves in workplace settings where they are undervalued, discriminated against and overlooked -- and how companies can foster working cultures that empower everyone to achieve success." -- from the TED website

The best career path isn't always a straight line TED video

"Conventional wisdom frames the ideal career path as a linear one -- a ladder to be climbed with a single-minded focus to get to the top. Career development consultants Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper invite you to replace this outdated and limiting model with "squiggly" careers: dynamic, open-ended growth paths tailor-made for your individual needs, talents and ambitions. A radical rethink for anyone who feels restricted and defined by the limits of the corporate ladder." -- from TED website.

I work video from Films On Demand

"People share self-shot stories about their jobs and careers as they navigate the changes they’re experiencing and the goals they’re working towards. From teachers to truck drivers, they explore what it really means to work in America today. Distributed by PBS Distribution." 

How to find your passion and make it your job TEDx

"How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job" (13:40), a TEDx event presented by Emma Rosen.

Playlist for TED talks to help you find the right job

TED Playlist: Talks to Help You Find the Right Job, a collection of TED presentations on careers.


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