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History 118 - United States History, 1865 - Present - Stonis

With the recent controversies around Confederate monuments and historical memory, this project helps students think about public spaces, historical revision, and public art in an engaging way.

Using OneSearch to find newspaper articles

OneSearch is a tool that can be used to find newspaper articles (not all databases subscribed to by the Library can be included in OneSearch; see below for further information on another useful database).  Watch the video below to learn more about using OneSearch.

In OneSearch, start by entering keywords in the search box, for example, Confederate monuments.

Use the Articles in Databases filter to limit your search.  

Then use the Resource Type filter in the left hand column to limit your results to newspaper articles.

When searching for resources for your Confederate monument project, keep in mind that this area has been written upon frequently in the past few years and your results list could be in the thousands.  To focus your search, you can try the following:

  • By location - state or city, for example: confederate monument Stone Mountain
  • By person, for example, Stonewall Jackson monument 
  • By date range: there is another filter in the left hand column to use to limit your results by date but in OneSearch this is not a month/date/year range like 4/1/2020 to 7/30/2020 but by year only, that is 2019-2020 or 2020-2020.

Here are some potential keywords to use when searching OneSearch:

  • Confederate monuments
  • Symbolism in politics - Confederate states
  • Political culture - Southern States
  • Systemic racism
  • Racism United States
  • White supremacy
  • Race discrimination
  • Jim Crow
  • Race discrimination law and legislation
  • Public Memory United States Civil War

REMINDER: it's highly unlikely that you will receive zero results for a search on any of these topics, but if you do, then be sure to check your spelling - that's usually the problem.

Newspaper Source Plus Database

Another way to find newspaper articles is to go directly into Newspaper Source Plus database, which contains articles from over 800 newspapers.  To find it, select the databases link on the Library home page.

On the search screen, you will enter search terms similarly to how you searched in OneSearch.  

Select Publication Type = Newspaper to limit your results to newspaper articles.


As with OneSearch, if you get many results, you can also limit your search by date range including month and year, or narrow your search terms with location (state or city) or name of person.  

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