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A guide for business databases, books, web resources, and more. Students taking any business-related courses or certifications should start here!

Understanding Articles in Databases

Evidence found in newspaper, magazine and journal articles is more specific than background information and support your arguments. Here's the different types of sources you will see in Business databases:

  • Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are often required for academic papers. Peer-reviewed articles are published after an editorial process of peer review, where one or more scholars in the field have read and approved the article for publication. Peer-reviewed articles, once approved are published in journals. An example a of peer-reviewed journal is the Journal of Management.
  • A magazine article may go through and editorial process, but it is not generally as accurate or intense as the peer review process. An example of a Business magazine is the The Economist.

  • A trade publication is usually published by and for the trade/industry itself. It generally does not have peer review or intense editorial oversight. An example of a trade publication is Marketing Week.

  • A newspaper is a timely publication, often daily or weekly, and may not be necessarily unbiased. It is written for a general audience. An example of a newspaper that focuses on Business is the Wall Street Journal.

Remember to read an article's abstract or introduction to get a summary or short overview of the article. You can avoid reading the whole article if it is not relevant to your topic!

From PCC Library Business Guide and Claremont Colleges.

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