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Pro-tips for Finding Sources

This workshop will review how to find sources using databases at GCC Library.

Today's Research Topic

Pretend you're asked to write an analytical essay regarding the problem of homelessness in Los Angeles. The issue is complex, with many different contributing causes: economical, social, medical, and physical. Focus on one aspect and argue for a potential solution that could improve the plight of the homeless in Los Angeles.

Workshop Activities

GCC LIBRARY WORKSHOP - Pro-tips for Finding Sources

First 5 minutes: Welcome/Room check -- Complete this pre-workshop survey

Pro-tip #1: Get specific about what you want and where to look for it

Pro-tip #2: Use advanced search strategies in a library database or OneSearch

Pro-tip #3: Use clues to choose

Last 5 minutes: Closing/Room check -- Complete this post-workshop survey


  Concept map of  subtopics related to homelessness

From "Why is Addressing Homelessness So Complex?" by City of Wheat Ridge, 7 May 2021.

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