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ESL 125 - Listening and Speaking II - Alford

This guide was created to help ESL 125 Students with Prof. Alford with their Animal Communication assignment.

Welcome to the ESL 125 Guide with Professor Alford

Professor Alford's ESL 125 Listening and Speaking II

What Is This Guide?

This guide will help you completed your animal communication slide assignment for ESL 125 with Professor Alford.

Directions to Use This Guide

Use this guide by selecting the tabs on the left side of the screen on desktop/laptop or by finding the tabs at the top of the screen on a smartphone.

Where is the Verdugo Library?

GCC Verdugo Library is located next to the Student Center, which is around the corner from the Welcome Center.

It is a round building you can see once you get off the elevator from the C Parking Lot/Building.

From your class in the auditorium, you can cross Plaza Vaquero, go up the stairs by the fountain, and walk right up to the front door of the library.

Here is a map of the campus with the library circled:

verdugo library circled on campus map

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