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Finding Newspapers

Finding news articles online and in print from the GCC Library

National Newspapers

"Newspapers of record" are national newspapers that have a longstanding reputation for accurate reporting and a commitment to presenting a wide range of perspectives on important issues. They are called "newspapers of record" because they aim to be the best possible record for what happened in the nation on a given day (Caulfield 2021).

The library provides online access to the most recent issues of three national newspapers of record:

As well as online access to other major US newspapers:

African-American Newspapers

African-American newspapers (also known as the Black press or Black newspapers) are news publications in the US that serve African-American communities. Here are direct links to online access to the most recent issues of some of the major publications:

California and Local Newspapers

Some of these publications are available online and/or in print (paper copies). Print newspapers are accessible on the main floor of the Verdugo Library and are for in-library use only.

Ethnic Newspapers In Los Angeles

Below are some long-established ethnic newspapers in Los Angeles.

For more ethnic newspapers, use the Ethnic NewsWatch database.

Armenian Newspapers

The most recent issue of these Armenian language newspapers are available in print in the Verdugo Library:

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