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July 21 Internship program

Teaching and Learning websites--all disciplines

Pedagogy in Action (long list of active learning techniques, each with a separate page, including cooperative learning, just-in-time teaching and many others)

Center for Teaching has an extensive website with more than 60 guides related to teaching and learning, including the first day of class, group work and flipping the classroom.

Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom.

Reading Apprenticeship website. Book is Reading for Understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning

A Private Universe

Dead Poet's Society

Ghost of Mr. Keating

Social Science - political science, sociology, history, ethnic studies Teaching in Political Science

Article on teaching poli sci

Website specific to teaching and learning in political science

American Sociological Association Resources of Sociology Teachers -resources by unit; lesson plans; assessment

Society Pages, Sociology Toolbox - blog that provides material to assist in teaching sociology.

Sociology at Two-Year Colleges links to resources specifically for community college instructors

History at Two-Year Colleges links to resources specifically for community college instructors

Glendale College sociology department recommended resources


Economics / Business

Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics Teaching economics

Economics for Teachers blog

Teaching accounting


Computer science

  • Git - Open Source project version control system
  • GitHub - Collaboration, code review, and code management for projects
  • JS Bin - A place to enter, edit, and test your JavaScript code
  • JS Hint - JavaScript tool to help detect typos and language gotchas
  • Lucidchart - Online DFD Tool to draw and share your DFD's
  • SCRATCH - Learn to code with a cool graphic tool
  • SketchUp - 3D modeling software for people who shape the physical world
  • WIKIVERSITY School of Computer Science - Web site with free resources and textbooks   

KHAN Academy - Computer science practice exercises and instructional videos

  • edX – Online courses in computer science from the worlds best universities
  • MIT App Inventor – Step-by-step tutorials show how to build all kinds of apps.
  • Codecademy – Introduction tutorials for JavaScript and PHP
  • LearnStreet – Introduction tutorials for JavaScript, Ruby, and Python

Recommended books

John Bean  Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking and Active Learning in the Classroom. Wonderful single source. Focus is on writing but also lots on what it means for college students to be critically engaged with content.

Elizabeth Barkley  Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Inquiry. 
By a California community college instructor. Encyclopedic and thoughtful coverage of many classroom techniques\

Peter Brown, Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
Easy to read summary of learning science with applications to the college courses, especially for learning basic content

Ken Bain What the Best College Teachers Do
Easy to read musings based on Bain's observations of college instructors

Gerald Graff and Kathy Birkenstein They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing
Short book, intended for students but full of great prompts and rationale for improved student writing



Journal of Music History Pedagogy

National Association for Music Education

International Society for Music Education

Music history courses taught by Elizabeth Barkley


Biology  Site with links to biology education  Infusing social context into biology courses

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