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History 117 - HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES - Kronbeck

Research Guide for Elizabeth Kronbeck's History 117 - Early American History




History 117                                                                                                                                          Kronbeck
Extra Credit: for Due Dates, please check Moodle and/or your syllabus
American Expansion
Question for Consideration:
Compare and contrast the experiences of Native Americans, Africans and Women on the North American continent.  Answer ONE of these questions:
Question 1:  In which ways did each group contribute to the “founding” of America?  
Question 2:  In which ways did each of these groups interpret freedom?
Part One, Primary Sources:
Using one of the questions above, please use this CampusGuide website to help you locate primary sources.  From the three groups, Native Americans, Africans and women, please choose two groups and find a primary source for each one.  A primary source may be a piece of historical writing, a sketch, a map, artifacts, etc. You may not use a primary source from course materials.  Your primary sources should be original source material and be between the years 1607 and 1850.  When you turn in your primary sources, they must be accompanied by a typed paragraph that specifies where you found the source (use Chicago Style Citation) and a written analysis of how your source helps you answer the essay question.  Points possible: 8
Part Two, Written Essay:
Your well thought out answer to one of the above questions must be typed, double spaced and be at least 3 pages long (750 words).  You need to include your two primary sources to support your argument.  You should also support your argument with quotations from your textbook.  Don't forget to add the third group.  Use your textbook for supporting evidence for the third group.  Please use Chicago Style citation for your paper.  Word count in your citation does NOT count toward your word count for your paper.  Points possible:  12


How to Incorporate Sources into Your Paper

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