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Credit ESL OER: Welcome

OER Toolkit created for Credit ESL faculty.

Welcome to the OER Toolbox!

This guide is an OER Toolkit created for faculty in the Credit ESL Division.

It includes OER organized by Credit ESL Division focus areas and levels.  The resources on this page were selected and evaluated by Credit ESL faculty.  With the exception of OER created by GCC faculty for our courses, there aren't any "complete" textbooks here that fit perfectly into GCC courses without modification.  Hence, use this toolkit to select resources to supplement your instructional materials, or adapt/modify/compile resources to build your own OER.  

More Info on how we got here:

  1. GCC Librarians helped search for OER. We used Canvas Commons, OASIS, and Mason OER Metafinder (Stage 1).
  2. Credit ESL faculty evaluated  (50+) OER and selected those we thought may be appropriate to adapt for our courses. We compiled a quantitative and qualitative review of each source, and assigned recommended levels. (Stage 2).  
    • Note: some OER cover multiple focus areas; these may appear in multiple tabs.
    • Note 2: some OER cover multiple GCC levels; these may appear in multiple boxes, but preference was to assign only one level per resource.

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