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This guide will help you identify and find academic sources in OneSearch for your research project.

What is this Guide?

Welcome to your CampusGuide for Elizabeth Dragun's ESL 151 Class.  You can use this guide to help you complete your research project due on December 3, 2021.

This guide will help you:

  • get keywords from your research question
  • define academic sources for your assignment
  • find sources using the OneSearch database

How To Use This Guide

You can click on each tab on the left side of this page to move through the guide. Each tab reviews a different part of the research project. Feel free to go back to different tabs if you need more help.

red arrow pointing to the left side guide tabs

Use the slides below to review the library instruction session on finding academic sources using OneSearch. Remember to chat your librarian if you need more help!

Library Instruction Slides from 11/10

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