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Armenia Summer 2023 Study Abroad

What to Bring to Armenia

Yerevan night life1. Travel adapter for your laptops and mobile devices.

  • You do NOT need a laptop for this class.  You can do all coursework using the Canvas app on your phone.


2. Phone - Contact your phone carrier to ask about international plans.  If you don't go with your carrier's international plan, you will need to purchase a SIM card for your phone once we get to Armenia.  This is important so we can always have a way to contact you!  

  • AT+T offers an international day pass for $10/day (only if you send a text or make/answer a call). Receiving a text doesn't start the charge.
  • Verizon offers international day passes for $5/day, $35 for 10 days, or $50 for 30 days.


3. Before we leave, download: Whatsapp (for calls and texting), Google Maps (to use in Yerevan), and gg (for taxi service).

Join our class in Whatsapp:

  • GCCArmenia23 Announcements: - I will communicate daily updates with you via this channel.
  • Armenia23 (general) - this is where everyone can communicate with the class about anything that comes up (including if you're planning on going somewhere during your free time and want to invite others).
  • Armenia23 Photos - this is where we can share photos with the group. 


4. What to pack (check your airline for luggage size/weight limits!)

  • Clothing for warm to hot weather (Laundry services available at the hotel).
  • One set of cold weather clothing - sweater/jacket and long pants for Dilijan
  • Hotel has an indoor swimming pool so you may wish to bring your swimsuits
  • Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Small backpack to use for overnight in Dilijan

3. Cash (approx. $400) - U.S. Dollars can be converted very easily at Exchange shops scattered throughout the city. 

Armenia Yerevan, Viva Cell

  • Cash for food (package includes all breakfast, 5 lunches, 3 dinners). Plan on spending $10-$15 per meal.
  • Cash for taxi service is no more than $2 (1000 dram) within the city of Yerevan. Use only taxi companies (Yandex, gg)
  • Optional cash for souvenirs, excursions you may choose to do with your free time, etc. 

4. Pharmaceutical Drugs, particularly motion sickness medication if you are prone to motion sickness on busses driving down winding roads.

  • Pharmacies ("Deghatun" or "Apteka") are available throughout the city and there is one at the corner of the hotel we are staying at.Armenia, Yerevan, Pharmacy

5. Travel Insurance - go to  Select filters: Medical Evacuation $100,000 or more and Emergency Medical $100,000 or more.

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