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Finding Newspapers

Finding news articles online and in print from the GCC Library

What is News?

News is information and commentary on contemporary affairs taken to be publicly important (Schudson 2012).

News is a popular source. Popular sources are typically written by journalists to inform or entertain a general audience, whereas academic sources, also called scholarly sources, are written by experts in a field, people who have advanced degrees in a given discipline.

This chart compares popular sources and academic sources and their features:

Popular Sources Academic/Scholarly (including peer-reviewed)

Current events; general interest articles

Research results/reports; reviews of research (review articles); book reviews 

Purpose To inform, entertain, or elicit an emotional response To share research or scholarship with the academic community
Author Staff writers, journalists, freelancers Scholars/researchers
Audience General public Scholars, researchers, students
Review Staff editor Editorial board made up of other scholars and researchers. Some articles are peer-reviewed
Citations May not have citations, or may be informal (ex. according to... or links) Bibliographies, references, endnotes, footnotes
Frequency Weekly/monthly Quarterly or semi-annually
Ads* Numerous ads for a variety of products Minimal, usually only for scholarly products like books
Examples on Publisher Site Washington Post; Time; New York Times; Aerospace Engineering Blog The Aeronautical Journal; International Journal of Aerospace EngineeringIEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
Examples in Library Databases (Requires GCC Login) Washington Post; Time; New York Times The Aeronautical Journal International Journal of Aerospace Engineering; Nature

Text and chart adapted from UTexas Libguide.

Why News Matters

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