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Recommended databases

For Prof. McLemore's Take-Home Essay #2, these are the best databases to use. You can open them from the A-Z Database list at the GCC Library, or by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

You can use these databases for free from home! But you will need to login, using your Canvas login.

Suggested Keywords

When using library databases to explore articles about happiness--or about the books, music, architecture, and artwork you're considering--try a variety of keywords, and combine them to better focus your search.

For example: Try searching for "happiness OR well-being" AND "Dalai Lama". Or search for "pop music" AND "Romantic hero".

Here is a list of useful keywords to get you started.

  • happiness, well-being, wellness
  • joy, delight, pleasure
  • satisfaction, comfort
  • contentment, fulfillment
  • interpretation, criticism, analysis
  • symbols, symbolism, relevance, representation, motifs, themes
  • purpose, meaning, significance
  • allusion, connotation, denotation

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