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Antiracist Reading Lists

Layla F. Saad's Antiracist Reading List


Layla F. Saad, anti-racism educator and New York Times bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy, a 28-day antiracism workbook, has created a list of book recommendations titled, "Do the work: an anti-racist reading list" (The Guardian, June 3, 2020). 

This guide contains titles from Saad's list that the Library has purchased as ebooks for the campus to access online and download for free, as well as the titles the Library owns in print.

Accessing Ebooks

  • This list contains some ebooks that are limited to one user at a time and others that offer unlimited access. Check the Availability section of the ebook's record to see which type of access we have to each book.
  • Ebooks have a 2 week loan period for full downloads.
  • There are no holds or renewals for ebooks, but you can log back in to borrow the ebook again once your access expires.
  • For instructions on how to download ebooks for offline reading on an iOS or Android mobile device, please visit:


Print Books

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