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Ethical Uses of AI

Resources for Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Advanced Language Models

Ethical Uses of AI

We'd like to keep the discussion about AI moving forward. We've hosted a few meetings and events with students and faculty, and the upshot is clear (and obvious): AI presents both pros and cons in academic spaces. 

We invite faculty who have been innovating in the AI/LLM landscape to deliver workshops (for pay or flex) to the campus community. Please fill out this form to propose a workshop that will enlighten your colleagues. 

Our goal is to facilitate discussion about the educational opportunities and ramifications of the widespread use of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, as well as other emerging generative AI tools. Our offerings will include keynote presentations, student and faculty panels, faculty workshops, and an online repository of information and strategies around generative AI in education.

Whether you are excited, concerned, or unsure about these new technologies, your perspective is vital to this conversation. We, as coordinators of this project, are neither AI cheerleaders nor doomsayers (at least, not all the time). AI is here, so how will we make sense of it? How will it shape our students' learning and our teaching – and education as a whole?


Ethical Uses of AI Organizers |

Julie Gamberg | English | 

Shant Shahoian | English, Library, and Learning Center |

Edwin Sookiassian | Computer Science |

Jennie Quinonez-Skinner | Library |


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