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This guide contains recommendations on resources, search tips, as well as information about citing your sources in MLA 8 style format for your research assignment on LA Neighborhoods and PsychoGeography


In Psychogeography, you study the impact of a particular geographic area on the activities, behavior and attitudes of the people living there.  This could be a town or city or a smaller neighborhood within that town or city.  In this course, you are exploring the impact of Los Angeles County cities, towns and neighborhoods on their inhabitants. 

For your research assignment on this topic, you will use both primary sources (firsthand accounts from people living in a specific neighborhood) and secondary sources (assessment, history and/or description of a neighborhood based on evaluations and analysis of primary sources and fieldwork by the author of the secondary source) as well as fieldwork in your neighborhood.  Recommendations and suggestions for each of these source types are available in the tabs on the left.


You can search in the Library's catalog using any of the following search terms: Human geography, Geographical perception, Geography - Psychological aspects, Human beings-Effect of environment on, Urban Renewal. Some recent books on this topic are listed below. 

If it is an electronic book or e-book, select the last link at the bottom of the page to get to the fulltext of the book. Once there, you can also search for specific terms within the book. If you are off campus and you want to access an eBook, you will be asked for your student ID and your birthdate (DDMMYY) as your password.

And you may want to explore the following website:  (“Calisphere is a gateway to digital collections from California's great libraries, archives, and museums. Discover over 1,150,000 images, texts, and recordings—and counting.”)

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