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Prof. Alex Kocol's CampusGuides

These guides are meant to function concurrently with courses taught by Prof. Kocol.

Welcome to Prof. Kocol's Campus Guides

My name is Alex Kocol, I have been working at Glendale College since the summer of 2010 and teaching in the Social Sciences Division since 2013.  The courses I have taught include early and modern U.S. history (HIST 117 & 118), American government (PoliSci 101 & 106), contemporary world problems (PoliSci110), and political theory (PoliSci 104).  My interests revolve around political history, American regionalism, as well as the development of political consciousness and identity. 

Through my teaching, I try to encourage students to empathize with unfamiliar concepts and perspectives. Education, by cultivating curiosity and inquisitiveness, has more than just the power to position students for a successful career: It can help them lead more productive and fulfilling lives.  Glendale College’s focus on student success makes it a truly special place and I hope to contribute to an environment where individuals feel both challenged and welcomed.

The objective of Campus Guides is to provide students with the necessary tools and resources to maximize their academic performance.  Please, carefully review the menus and familiarize yourself with the the materials designated for your specific course.

Above all, PLEASE, do not hesitate to ask for help!

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