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This guide contains recommendations on resources, search tips, as well as information about citing your sources in MLA 8 style format for your research assignment on LA Neighborhoods and PsychoGeography


For articles in journals and magazines, JSTOR is a promising one for this research topic.  ProQuest and Academic Search Premier are also worth looking at.  US Newstream, a database including local newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, La Opinion and the Pasadena Star can also be a useful source. 

An example of a search from JSTOR and one of the results of that search:

An example from US Newstream: and one of the results of that search:

As with searches for books on larger cities, such as Pasadena or Glendale, you may retrieve hundreds of results from databases so you will need to add additional search terms to focus the search and narrow your results.  Whenever you need help searching, visit the Research Help desk in the library and speak with a Librarian.

Using Location Search in databases

Articles in databases may use different descriptions of cities and states, e.g., Glendale CA, Glendale Calif, or Glendale California, and you may miss a relevant article if you choose the wrong description to use in your search.

Therefore, many databases provide a list of locations that you may select and add to your search.   The following is an example of the look up locations function from ProQuest:

In Subscription Databases: Newspapers are an excellent source for first-hand accounts of events or places, as well as interviews with participants (including speeches) are commonly included in newspaper articles, all of which are considered primary sources.  An example from ProQuest: Note that this search used the Look Up Locations function available in ProQuest to identify the various ways that the city can be designated.

Take a look at the results list below:

Los Angeles Times Historical 1884-1994

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