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Archives Research

The Glendale Community College Archives are available for research by GCC students, faculty, staff, and the public. Archival materials are to be used in the Library and do not leave the premises. GCC Library staff retrieve archival materials for researchers to use in the Library.

The GCC Archives collections remain largely un-cataloged, however a list of the GCC Archives Collections List is available for access below. Inventory lists for some of the collections may be available.

If you have a question or research inquiry and would like to make an appointment, please fill out this form.

General Guidelines

  • Materials in GCC Archives are non-circulating. 
  • To request materials, please fill out this form. Please allow 24-48 hours advance time to retrieve and prepare materials for research use.
  • Notes should be taken with pencils, paper, or on laptops. No ink pens, markers, highlighters, or whiteout can be used near archival materials. 
  • No food or beverages are allowed near archival materials.
  • The United States copyright law, Title 17, U.S. Code, governs the making of reproductions, including photocopying, of copyrighted material (see more information below). GCC Archives reserves the right to refuse a copying order if, in its judgment, it would involve violation of copyright law.
  • Digital cameras can be used with the flash turned off.
  • Photocopying of materials are allowed when it can be done without injury to the material and when photocopying does not violate copyright restrictions and donor agreements. B/W photocopies are 10 cents per page and color are 50 cents per page. Special arrangements need to be made for large batch scanning or photocopying. 

All users will be required to complete a standard registration form recording user's name, address, and listing of the records requested. Please review the Security and Use Procedures form below.

GCC Archives Image Agreement and Release

Transmission or reproduction of items beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission from GCC Archives. All users must submit a request for permission to quote or publish from manuscripts, or for one-time permission to reproduce photographic images of any item found in the GCC Archives. 

Users requesting permission will be required to sign the GCC Archives Image Agreement and Release form, please review below. 

Copyright and Use

The Copyright Act at 17 U.S.C. § 108 and the Code of Federal Regulations at 37 C.F.R. § 201.14 provide protections for libraries with regard to copying for library patrons.

First, the library or archives must satisfy the requirement in Section 108(1). The reproduction or distribution must be made without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage. This means that the library (or a copying service hired by the library) cannot profit from the copying. In addition, the copying for the patron must be done for purposes of private study, scholarship, or research. Second, the library or archives must be open to the public (or make its collections  available to specialized researchers other than those affiliated with the institution)

The GCC Archives maintains manuscripts, documents, video recordings, and photographs associated with history of the College. In many cases, GCC Archives own only the physical item, not the intellectual property or copyright and therefor assumes no responsibility for violations of such rights or for any other legal issues resulting from the use or publication of the items.

Citations for GCC Archives materials should read:

[Title of item], [date of item], Glendale Community College Archives, Glendale, California. 

Staff Instructions for Research and Use

  1. The reference librarian supports research inquiries, determine which collections could meet the information need, and coordinate research appointments with researchers. Appointment information and items will be forwarded to Circulation Staff. 
  2. Patrons will be provided with two forms: the GCC Archives Security and Use Procedures form and the GCC Archives Image Agreement and Release (patrons receive this form for information purposes, whether or not they plan on using it.) Circulation Staff work with researchers during appointments, including paging archival materials, making sure GCC Archives Security and Use Procedures form is completed, and overseeing the use of the materials at Circulation Desk area. 
  3. Completed GCC Archives Security and Use Procedures forms will be placed in the white binder, located at the Circulation Desk.
  4. Viewing materials is to be done at the Circulation Desk or within line of site of staff. Access to the GCC Archives and equipment to the room is limited to library staff only.

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