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ENGL 102 - Critical Thinking and Literary Analysis - Ramos

In this guide, you will find help choosing a that connects one of the literary texts to a social justice issue, and locate academic sources to help make an argument about your topic.


Include at least six (6) credible sources appropriate to your topic and effectively use those sources as evidence to support your argument.

  • Three (3) of the sources have to be scholarly articles from GCC Library.
  • The other three (3) sources can be a combination of any of the following:
    • Primary literary text (The Cancer Journals, Heroes and Saints, OR Home)
    •  A print or electronic book chapter from the GCC library
    • Popular articles such as magazines or newspapers from the GCC library
    • Media sources like a TED talk, YouTube video, or documentary (including ones watched in class)
    • A webpage or website from a credible activist organization
  •  When using the open web or non-library sources, ensure they are reliable, authoritative, current, and accurate. o Anonymous sources and book reviews should not be used

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