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Controversial Topics Research

What makes a topic controversial? What should I know about a topic? How can I learn the issue so that I can know where I stand? This guide sets you on a path to answer these questions.

Picking Your Topic IS Research!

How can I decide on a controversy to consider?

If you don't have a topic already in mind, here are a few ideas of how you might find an issue to consider.

Look at the Opinion section of a news site

Here are two sites you can use:

The New York Times at

As an example opinion pieces on May 4, 2021 cover

  • whether should enforce lockdowns when they affect the mental health of teens
  • whether President Joe Biden's spending plans are a good idea
  • whether the United States should pull armed forces from Afghanistan

CNN at

Opinion pieces on May 4, 2021 cover

  • whether Facebook should continue to exclude Donald Trump
  • should we continue to wear masks to slow the spread of Covid-19
  • whether Joe Biden's spending plans will help women re-enter the workforce

Look at the library database called Opposing Viewpoints

You're going to love this site!  We'll talk specifics later, but if you're just starting out and want to browse topics, this is the place.

Go to this site and click on the link that says "Browse issues".  These will not only be the issues of the day, like the examples above, they also will be long-standing, or big-picture controversies, like cyber-espionage, factory farming, or prostitution.


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