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This campus guide provides resources and recommendations for students completing research in Professor Reid Kerr's genre essay.

Searching ProQuest

The following image contains recommendations to searching the ProQuest database on your topic. 

  • Identify your focus
  • Identity your keywords, main concepts, and/or alternative terms based on your focus
  • For established genres, use more than one keyword to help you narrow (one concept per box)
  • Use the drop-down menu to control the number and relevance of your sources. There ae three recommended fields to search; see what happens when you change the fields:
    • Anywhere
    • Anywhere except full text
    • Document title

Don't be afraid to experiment with the above and to mix and match your options. If you don't get results, try a different strategy. If you get too many results, how can you narrow your results? 

Try it now with ProQuest:


Searching JSTOR

JSTOR is a database that contains scholarly and academic sources, mostly article sources. It is a much smaller database than ProQuest, but the sources in this database are very rich, especially for humanities-related topics such as music. 

  • If your genre is emerging or not very established, you will not likely find too much in this database. It is always worth a try. You will want to go broad first by entering just one concept. 
  • It is best to start with one concept, then narrow by adding a secondary concept or select a different field to search for more relevant results. 
  • See the images below for how best to search for sources on this assignment:

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