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This campus guide provides resources and recommendations for students completing research in Professor Joanna Parypinski's ENGL 102 class on the Gothic and Horror tradition of literature.

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Open Web Resources for Literary Criticism

The open web can be a valuable research tool providing instant access to information from around the world. It can also be overwhelming because of the vast amount of reliable and unreliable information that you can find. How can you determine that a site you have found fulfills the criteria of academic and professional authority? It is your responsibility to evaluate open web resources you consider. Ask yourself these questions: Who created the site? Is the author an expert in the field? When was the site created or last updated? What, if any, is the bias expressed by the site? Does the domain indicate whether it is a commercial, organizational, or educational website?

Listed below are online subject directories as well as specific websites that provide literary criticism, help with MLA formatting for your paper, and a link to information that can help you recognize and avoid plagiarism.

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