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English 191 - WRITING WORKSHOP II - Zimbler


1.       I finally went to the dentist and she found a cavity in one of my teeth.

2.       We saved enough money for our trip I contacted the travel agent.

3.       Someone on the bus didn’t feel well so the bus driver pulled over.

4.       Air fares go up and down people will always buy tickets.

5.       Most people laughed when they heard the joke I didn’t get it.

6.       First the phone rang then the doorbell rang.

7.       Is the critical thinking  class a requirement or an elective?

8.       I finished my paper now I can finish on my chart.

9.       They met each other at a party and quickly became business partners.

10.   There are many types of computer paper: I never know which one to buy.

11.   I practiced the speech for an hour then I went to the movie as a reward.

12.   The field trip starts at 7:00 am and it ends at 5:oo p.m.

13.   Tourists love pigeons, yet local residents often hate them.

14.   I ordered a baked potato but the server brought me fries instead.

15.   I visit the post office as often as I visit the bank.

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