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English 191 - WRITING WORKSHOP II - Zimbler

argument essay

                                                   ARGUMENT ESSAY


In 2002, Americans spent 7.7 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery, and the number of operations increases every year.  The popularity of shows like Extreme Makeover proves society’s fascination with seeing people become beautiful.  From the most famous to the most ordinary, people are running to the plastic surgeon’s office for face lifts, nose jobs, breast enlargement, tummy tucks, liposuction, and more.  Those who choose to have surgery claim that they can get a better job, please their spouse, and gain confidence.  Furthermore, some may want cosmetic surgery to correct a disfigurement caused by an accident or to fix a problem that they were born with, simply so that they can feel normal.  On the other hand, some say that cosmetic surgery puts too much emphasis on beauty, making it seem more important than education, intelligence, and talent.  Some say that this trend to get the perfect face and body makes “normal” people (those who don’t look like models or movie stars) feel worse about themselves.  Many are disgusted with this drive for physical perfection, especially since cosmetic surgery can be costly and addictive. It seems that the desire for perfection never ends, and many people go into debt to have it.  Most importantly, cosmetic surgery may be dangerous; many people have come out of the surgery in worse shape than before, with scars and disfigurements; some have even died as a result of such procedures.  Do you think that cosmetic surgery is beneficial?

In a well developed essay of five paragraphs, state whether the current trend in cosmetic surgery is or is not beneficial.  State at least three reasons that cosmetic surgery is or is not beneficial. Support your position with examples from your own experience, observations, and knowledge.


Readers will expect to find the following in your essay:

  1. An introduction with a thesis statement.
  2. Three body paragraphs.  Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and develop one idea through examples and specific detail
  3. A conclusion. The conclusion should restate the thesis and do two or more of the following - evoke a vivid image, call for action, suggest results,     universalize (compare to something else), use a quotation, ask a provocative question, end with a warning.


Rough draft due date: 5/29      

Final draft due date: 6/3


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