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English 191 - WRITING WORKSHOP II - Zimbler

fragment quiz




                                            FRAGMENT QUIZ 191

You may either attach the fragment to a nearby sentence or add the missing words to complete the idea. If a sentence is correct, write  “C” over it

  1. He left for work early. And forgot his cell phone. 

He left for work early and forgot his cell phone.

  1. Saving money is difficult. But worth it.

Saving money is difficult but worth it.

  1. We prepared my favorite breakfast. Pancakes and bacon. 

We prepared my favorite breakfast, pancackes and bacon.

  1. A balanced diet should include lots of vegetables. Such as broccoli, spinach and lettuce. 

A balanced diet should include lots of vegetables such as broccoli, spnach and lettuce.

  1. I left early. To beat the traffic. 

I left early to beat the traffic.

  1. We considered making a donation. To a great organization. 

We considered making a donation to a great organization.

  1. You’re so annoying. Always trying to copy my homework. 

You're so annoying, always trying to copy my homework.

  1. My friend is so considerate. Taking care of others before herself. 

My friend is so considerate, taking care of others before herself.

  1. Before I left. I set the alarm. 

Before I left, I set the alarm.   OR I set the alarm before I left.

  1. Although I love sushi. I don’t like cooked fish. 

Although I love sushi, I don't like cooked fish. OR I don't like sushi although I love cooked fish.

  1. Be nice to your brother. Even though you’re mad at him. 

Be nice to your brother even though you're mad at him. OR Even though you're mad at him, be nice to your brother.

  1. There is the mean girl. Who I warned you about. 


There is the mean girl who I warned you about. 

  1. We stayed in the hotel. Where my parents met. 

We stayed in the hotel where my parents met.

  1. Before you leave. Please take out the trash. 

Before you leave, please take out the trash. Or Please take out the trash before you leave.

  1. Making a big deal out of nothing. 

Everyone was making a big deal out of nothing.   OR  Making a big deal out of nothing will just leave you feeling stressed out.

  1. People who drink and drive.

I avoid people who drink and drive.   OR   People who drink and drive should be executed.

17. When mice get into your house.


I know exactly what you should do when mice get into your house   OR   When mice get into your house, you should give them names and their own water bowls.

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