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English 191 - WRITING WORKSHOP II - Zimbler

classification essay

Your third out of class writing assignment will be a classification essay. You will choose a topic ( see the list on pg. 170 of Foundations First for ideas) and classify three types of whatever your topic is. For example, you may choose the topic of popular music. You would then classify three different types of music like perhaps, hip hop, pop music, and country. You would then devote one body paragraph to each type. Each paragraph would include your own definition of the type of music with examples which may include anecdotes and your observations.

Your first paragraph will be the introduction in which you introduce the topic, orient the reader and offer your thesis. The very first sentence will be a “hook” to grab the readers’ attention. The first sentence will contain either a:


1) quote 2) question 3) anecdote 4) startling statement 5) genereal statement 6) fact or statistic

    The last sentence of the paragraph is to be your thesis which will state clearly what you are classifying and the three different types of whatever it is. If music is your topic then your thesis may be - Three different types of popular music are hip hop, pop music, and country music.

    Each body paragraph will have a clear topic sentence which clearly states which category of the topic you’ll be discussing in that paragraph. For example, it may read - One type of popular music is hip hop. 

    The conclusion will recast the thesis. Remember that to recast it is to phrase it differently than your original version. Also, it should do two or three of the following:

    a)include a brief summary of the paper's main points b)ask a provocative question

    c)use a quotation d) evoke a vivid image e)call for some sort of action f)end with a warning g)universalize (compare to other situations) h) suggest results or consequences.

    Choose a toic that is interesting to you and that you have made observations of. You are not allowed to look anything up for this essay - all classifications and definitions are to be based strictly on your ideas. Have fun. Seek assistance from me if you need it  (see my office hours on the syllabus or make an appointment with me if you can’t make it during that time).

    Rough draft due date: 4/29 bring 3 copies

    Final draft due date: 5/6

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