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English 191 - WRITING WORKSHOP II - Zimbler

peer editing



1.       Alyssa sings loudest of all.


2.       At dinner last night, Tom hungrily ate all my desert.


3.       Angel wore lime green pants and a spandex cape to the wedding.


4.       Philip shook his finger angrily at the plant because it stopped growing.


5.       Zonia calmly cut off all the monkey’s hair last night.


6.       Kyoe Jin threw all his homework out the window on the last day of class.


7.       Maryssa leapt off the staircase and into the tar pit yesterday.


8.       Steve slept restlessly last night because he was scared he would fail the final.



9.       Hakop joined the group late because he got lost in Topanga Canyon.

10. Sierra ran really fast across the tennis court when she saw the irate squirrel family charging towards her.



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