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The Information Honor Code

This is the CampusGuide for the GCC Library's Information Ethics Zoom workshop and is in the development stage.

Information: What it is and who can create it

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What is information?

Information is "knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction." ("Information,"

Who can create information?

Anyone, including you.


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Types of information frequently cited include articles from newspapers, images such as photographs, multimedia such as YouTube videos, and other sources such as statistics and song lyrics.

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What is intellectual property? Any creative work or product of the mind, human or artificial.

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What is intellectual property? Any creative work or product of the mind, human or artificial


Activity and Reflection:

  1. What form of information or intellectual property have you used in the last week?
  2. When you share posts or works online, do you think of them as intellectual property? Why or why not?
  3. How do you find intellectual property online?
  4. When sharing intellectual property, do you give credit to what you share with others, whether or not you find it online?
  5. How do you feel about creating your own intellectual property? What types have you or could you create?
  6. Would you feel differently about other people using something you created and shared online?

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