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Library resources for completing a documented research paper on technology and education.

Opposing Viewpoints

Although OneSearch is the primary tool used at the GCC Library to help you find books and database articles with a single search, at this point in time, it does not include all the databases the Library subscribes to.  One of the databases that is not included in One Search is Opposing Viewpoints, the focus of which is to find pro and con articles about issues.  Use the keywords suggested below to search for articles on your research paper topic  “the good and the bad” of electronic use by adolescents and/or children ".  


Suggested keywords

  • Internet addiction children
  • Electronic devices children
  • Computers and teenagers
  • Computers and children

NOTE: Opposing Viewpoints lists results by type, but only provides details on the first three items in each type.  For example, in the Viewpoints section of a results list, three items are listed but there is a number in parenthesis next to the Viewpoints label.  This means there are more articles in this area and you retrieve them by clicking on the Viewpoint label.  Also note that viewpoints are chapters from books, not articles from magazines or journals;  if you use one of these Viewpoints, be sure and follow the MLA guide on how to format a source that is a chapter in a book.


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