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Library resources for completing a documented research paper on technology and education.

Research Assignment

The Dissoi Logoi models the argument of any particular issue from two opposing sides without bias. As you have read in Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers we are biased readers. “Our normal inclination, according to Michael Caulfield is to ignore verification needs when we react strongly to content.”  Caulfield’s e-book underscores the fact “that content that causes strong emotions (both positive and negative) spreads the fastest through our social networks.”  Most readers will read to support their position or world view. We lens our learning with our points of view. Being open-minded is an intellectual practice that is needed to avoid thinking that is narrow or self-serving. The Dissoi Logoi is an argument model that can help scholars think broadly on a topic. 

For the Sophists, “man is the measure of all things.”  Sophists argued moral relativism, stating that what is bad for one person is good for another person. In their rhetorical framework, what was considered just or unjust would entirely depend upon a particular perspective or situation.  Again, man is the measure.  We can see the problems with this as values and morality become relative. (I.e. Murder is good and bad.)

As writers and thinkers, our stance can be made stronger if we are able to consider and all sides of an issue. This can be especially challenging when we are invested in a particular point of view or value system. Most of us, for example, believe that infidelity is a bad thing; however, using the Dissoi Logoi might influence our ability to see that infidelity might also be seen as a good thing.  The point is not to change our minds but to be flexible.

In a multi-paragraph paper of one thousand words, write a thesis-driven paper discussing “the good and the bad” of electronic use by adolescents and/or children.  You will use the arguments presented in “Glow Kids” for a large portion of your paper, and you will also need to do some research to find articles on the “good” of electronic use. What is not advised is to come up with your own experience-based ideas. Your assertions must be substantiated by research.  Your document will be in MLA format with a Works Cited page. Your paper will show clear in-text citation and clear attribution of sources.

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