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How to cite an advertisement

Click the link below to see what the MLA advises about assembling a citation for an advertisement you find in print or on the web:

Advertisement - known creator

As example, here's an advertisement that was found on this web page.

Luckily, the title and creator of the ad are provided in its caption: the ad is called "Wish or Work" by Hal Depuey. So here's how this advertisement's citation would probably look, following the rules/template of MLA style. We'd name the creator of the ad first, then the title of the ad (in quotation marks, since it's a small work), then follow that with info. about the essay/web page in which the ad was found. 

Advertisement - unknown creator

Here's another example of an advertisement, found on this webpage.

There's no attribution for this advertisement regarding who created it. So here's how the citation for this advertisement would probably look following the rules/template of MLA style...


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