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GAUSS | Experiential STEM Learning at GCC


Title V STEM GAUSS Grant

The GAUSS Grant consists of three major projects. The first focuses on project-based engineering instruction in the context of robotics. It is developing an authentic, interdisciplinary, hands-on learning experience in which students design and execute robotics projects. Robotics is a powerful student attractor and provides a rich supply of interesting questions that elicit true interdisciplinary exploration. In collaboration with various discipline experts, GCC instructors are leveraging these characteristics to design an engaging, project-based curriculum. Beyond robotics, the GAUSS Grant will encourage and support all of GCC’s science disciplines as they seek to enhance experiential learning and research opportunities for their students. There are many opportunities along these lines at universities, but very few at community colleges. By supporting such innovations, GAUSS aims to draw students to STEM fields, further distinguish GCC as a leader in STEM education, and help more students prepare for transfer in STEM majors.

The second broad project of the GAUSS Grant is the STEM Courseware Initiative (SCI), a platform for STEM course redesign and professional development with an emphasis on contextualized learning. Through the SCI, instructors develop interactive, online lesson modules to instruct and engage students on particular class topics prior to class meetings. After completing the online modules as homework, students work interactively during class meetings to practice using course concepts as part of a “flipped” classroom experience. Instructors collaborate across disciplines and share lesson modules in Moodle, freely adapting and using each other’s lessons in their own courses.

The third major project is to strengthen existing university partnerships and increase collaboration with universities on the topic of articulation in STEM. The articulation component of this grant functions in a crucial way to guide students to pathways toward STEM degree completion, and creates new pathways where need exists. In many ways it will act as a sort of glue adding cohesion between the various existing and developing student support mechanisms.



If you want to submit an idea for a project, you can do so at any time. You can start by writing a short paragraph describing your idea and submitting it to us online. Your idea will be reviewed, and if it fits with the goals of the grant, you can submit a formal proposal.

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