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Glendale Community College Library Updates

Check out a device

Device Drop-off Spring 2020

See Return a Book or Device for information about how to drop off laptops and other devices.

Request a Laptop or Other Device

Request a Device 

Updated Friday, May 29, 2020

Although the College is closed, library staff have worked to get as many devices to GCC students as possible. We have laptops, Chromebooks, internet hotspots, iPads, webcams, piano keyboards, and calculators (scientific and graphing) available for checkoutThe GCC Library is not currently circulating print books.

To request a laptop, Chromebook, internet hotspot, iPad, webcam, piano keyboard, or calculator:

  • Fill out a form to request the equipment you would like to borrow.
  • A library staff member will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • The Library is not currently open to the public. Do not come to the library, you will be directed to a pick up location in your confirmation email. 

If you already have filled out the form to schedule an appointment: We are processing the forms in the order received and will respond as soon as possible. Although we may not be able to honor your request immediately, your name will remain on the list and you’ll be notified if/when more devices become available.

If you missed your appointment: If you missed your appointment to pick up a laptop or other device, we are unable to hold it for you. We recommend resubmitting a request using the form.
 This will restart the request process.

Note that while we will do our best to get more devices into the hands of students who need them, we are unable to ensure every student who wants a device will get one. Please be patient as we make the best attempt to honor your device request, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

In addition, please be aware that you can access Canvas from a smartphone. For instructions, check out the resources on GCC's COVID-19 Information for Students page. For 24/7 Canvas support, call the Canvas Helpline at 1-844-600-4951.

Technical Information about Library Laptops & Hotspots

About the Library laptops and Chromebooks 

  • Library laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads have built-in microphones and cameras.
  • You cannot download software to Library laptops or Chromebooks.
  • You can download apps to iPads.
  • You can update Google Chrome and other internet browsers using "portable apps". See instructions here.

Having technical issues with laptops? Contact ITS HelpDesk.

About the Library Hotspots

  • Up to 15 users at one time can link to this Hotspot.
  • Remember to keep the Hotspot charged.
  • Data is limited to 20 GB for 30 days and automatically renews. If you receive a Hotspot, it may be in mid-cycle.
  • Each Hotspot comes with illustrated instructions. 

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