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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

Three library workshops will be offered in Summer/Fall 2020 - all delivered fully-online using Canvas:

Note: Enrolled students will be invited to the Canvas workshop within 2 hours of workshop start time via GCC Email.

Introduction to the Library

  • Video introduction to GCC Library’s resources and services, followed by listening comprehension questions and discussion
  • Guided practice using GCC Library’s online catalog and one of the article databases

OneSearch for Books and Articles

  • Students are introduced to a discovery tool that searches for books and articles in a single search.  
  • Design and perform search strategies by brainstorming keywords, refining search terms, and using advanced limiters to filter results
  • Critically assess sources for relevance, considering subject terms and/or abstracts.

News & Media Literacy

  • Evaluate information by distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources of information, including substantiated facts and points of view.  
  • Guided exploration and comparison of two sites to verify language, intent, evidence, and coverage.

The following in-person workshops will not be offered until further notice, due to campus closures...

Citing in MLA, 8th edition [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Learn the basics of in-text citation by practicing with guided examples
  • Learn the basics of the core elements of citations for the Works Cited page
  • Using a guided template, identify core elements of a given source and create a citation for it

Credible Source Types [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Understand the information cycle
  • Differentiate among various types of information sources
  • Apply evaluation criteria to determine if a source is credible

Evaluating Information [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Define evaluation criteria:  authority, purpose/bias, currency, and objectivity
  • Practice application of these criteria by comparing and assessing multiple information resources

Library Databases [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Identify appropriate library databases for a given research topic
  • Develop research skills by exploring basic and advanced search techniques in multiple library databases

Research Process [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Students conduct a guided PREsearch for background information on a given topic
  • Develop a focused research question
  • Identify effective search terms
  • Guided search of relevant library databases and evaluation of the results

Using Information Ethically [not offered Summer/Fall 2020]

  • Students will develop strategies for using information ethically
  • Understand the basic issues of intellectual property and plagiarism
  • Cite all sources appropriately in text.

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