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GCC LIBRARY WORKSHOP - Credible Source Types

1. The Information Cycle - Video

2. Sources by Type
Not all source types are equal. Some are more credible (believable) than others. Knowing the characteristics of information source types can help in evaluating which source is best to use in academic writing. This table breaks down some important qualities of each source type.

3. What-and-why to believe? Scenarios
Look at the following claims/headlines about how to improve your sleep.
Which claims are most believable, based on the sources that published these claims? Look at the claim you are assigned to and decide:

  1. What is the source type? A blog? An aggregator site? A news source? Magazine? Scholarly journal? Book?
  2. What about the evidence makes the source believable (or not)? What methodology is mentioned? What experts are interviewed and quoted? 
  3. Would you use the source in a college assignment? Why or why not?

          CLAIM A. Practicing yoga can improve sleep for people suffering insomnia.
          CLAIM B. Spending more money on a new bed mattress won't improve your sleep.
          CLAIM C. Playing didgeridoo can improve sleep by decreasing snoring.
What's a didgeridoo, you ask? Watch this.

4. Wrap-up: What did you learn today? Please complete a short Post-Quiz.

Workshop Handout

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