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GCC LIBRARY WORKSHOP - Citing in MLA (8th edition)

1. Introduction

  • All information shared in this workshop aligns with MLA style (8th edition, published April 2016)
  • You must cite information that isn't your own original idea, image, or data
    • If you read it, heard it, saw it, copied it, quoted it, or paraphrased it from somewhere else
    • For more details about why and when you must cite, see the workshop on Using Information Ethically

2. Creating in-text citations

3. Creating full citations in Works Cited list
             -- Using the Template
             -- Building a Citation
- Open the Powerpoint slides below and follow along, step-by-step
          -- Confused about containers? Practice with Name That Container

4. Review: Model essay with in-text citations and list of Works Cited

5. Wrap-up: What did you learn today? Please complete a short Post-Quiz.


Workshop Handout

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