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ENGL 101 Culminating Project - The Annotated Bibliography & Abstract - Prof. Stewart

Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to the Library Resources for ENGL 101 with Professor Stewart!

This guide will help you:

  • Understand the requirements of your assignment
  • Find articles and other resources online from the Library databases 
  • Evaluate the information you find using CRAAP
  • Create an annotated bibliography in MLA format
  • Cite in MLA format

This guide will remain available to you after the session ends, so save this page and come back to it when it's time to write!

Please Vote!

What aspect of a research assignment is the most challenging for you?
Understanding the requirements of the assignment: 5 votes (26.32%)
Selecting a topic: 0 votes (0%)
Finding sources: 5 votes (26.32%)
Evaluating sources: 2 votes (10.53%)
Writing the paper: 6 votes (31.58%)
Giving credit to sources - citations: 1 votes (5.26%)
Total Votes: 19

Session Slides

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