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ENGL 101 - The Annotated Bibliography Assignment - Prof. Stewart

More Information for Your Assignment

The Annotated Bibliography

Your annotated bibliography should be on a current controversy in the area of “mediated popular culture texts” (Sellnow), politics, belief systems, laws, cultural practices, social events, or social controls. And it should include:

  • A headnote (abstract):  Synthesizes your findings showing how the sources work together to provide a deeper understanding of the topic. The headnote comes at the top of your annotated bibliography although you write it at the end. (300 words)
  • Six annotations: Longer and more analytical annotations of primary and secondary sources.

  • One scholarly peer-reviewed article - not older than five years
  • One book or e-book - not older than ten years
  • Two editorials agreeing with your argument - not older than two years
  • One editorial disagreeing with your argument - not older than two years
  • One contextualizing document like a law case, historical info, or statistics
  • Optional: An image, video, or other textual objects
  • Works cited entries for all the sources in MLA 8th format

Requirements for the Annotations of the Six Sources

  • Summary: What is the main argument of the source? What are the author’s thesis statement or main points? Who is the author, and who is the intended audience? (150 - 200 words) 
  • Evaluation: How convincing is the argument in this source? How is the source relevant to your own argument? Is the author agreeing or disagreeing with you? How does the author contradict the other authors in your annotations? How does this source fit into your research?
  • Direct quotation and paraphrasing: Use direct quotes properly by using quotation marks only for key terms or brief phrases. For paraphrasing, use your own words or language to restate the author’s words.

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