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Business Administration 101 - Introduction to Business - Sophia Possidon

BusAd 101 Fall 2018 Assignment

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Projects/Presentations/BUSAD 101/FALL 2019/Possidon




Class 1108 - Amazon,  Apple, Google, IKEA, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Samsun

Class 1182 - Amazon, Google, Green Apple, Netflix, Spotify, Target

Presentations will be done in class.  Try to target 20-30 minutes. But no more than 30 minutes. I will allow groups to present early on December 10th if they are ready by then.

You can present using whatever technology platform you wish (google slide, Prezi, Slide Share, PowerPoint, etc..).  Just make sure it works right the day of the presentation.  You can present with video, voice over slide, and face-to-face.  Get creative and have fun.

This is a culmination of all you have learned about business this semester.  If you continue your education in business, you will be assigned case studies and group projects.  This is your foundation.

Each person must present to get credit for the project.

Length: 16-30 slide power point, slide share, or similar application.

Include a reference page at the end to cite all your sources using APA or MLA. Do not simply cut and paste websites.

Grading: Part of your grade will include a peer review.

You are executives at publicly traded company (see list).  In groups of 5, you will present at a mock board meeting (weeks 15 & 16 in class).  Each member will play one of the roles below and present the topic related to their position (as cited below).  The group can research the components together or can assign one member to research one component.  Tip: Select a leader to organize, a person to compile the information into a slide presentation, a person to proofread, to organize the references, and an audio-visual person to make sure the presentation will work the day of presentation. 

Board meetings will last ½ hour, and all groups will have no more than 30 minutes to present.

  1. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Ch 15
    • Annual Report financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of owner’s equity, and statement of cash flows)
      1. Changes from last year with explanations
      2. How does that compare to main competitors and analysts’ expectations?
  • How do you plan to improve on that in the future?
  1. COO (Chief Operating Officer) Ch 10/12
    • Explain the four main strategic decisions made by production and operations managers related to its products
      1. Manufacturing / distribution / retail locations and why choose those locations
      2. Facility / store layouts and why
  • Which suppliers are used and why
  1. Which approach to inventory and why
  1. CHRO (Chief HR Officer) Ch 7/8 – find what you can
    • Recruiting Methods used
    • Who are the Top Executives?
    • Corporate Culture
    • Compensation and Benefits offered
    • How they review their employees’ performance
    • Recent outsourcing / downsizing
  2. CIO (Chief Information Officer) Ch 14/18 – some may be difficult to find- if so, choose which would be best for that company and describe why
    • Describe the website and security features
    • What is the social media policy and why
    • Which information systems / databases does it use and why
    • Describe any upgrades planned for the coming year and why
    • Any disruptive technology on the horizon, or is its technology being threatened
  3. CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Ch 11/12/13
    • Describe the product lines it offers
    • Describe its brand strategy
    • Pick one product
      1. Describe its promotional strategy and where it is in the product lifecycle
      2. What is its latest advertisements and discuss why the company is using it
  • What are the pricing objectives for this product and why

This project will require quite a bit of research and thinking way outside of the box.  Good places to look are the company’s annual report, internet, business cases, job postings for the company, and the company’s website.  Grading will be as follows:

Content of Presentation/Report                          50pts

Clarity and Creativity of Presentation                  25pts

Group Participation                                              25pts

Total                                                                   100pts


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