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English 101+ -- FRESHMAN ENGLISH -- Rowe

Library Databases

Below are some recommended databases for finding sources from the GCC Library Databases. Each short video gives you a tour of some of the features. There is no sound for the videos. Review information at the top of each videos for information on features and functions.

The brief video gives you a tour of the major features of the database, including how to browse the database for issues, how to navigate a report, how to download, and cite the source in MLA 8th edition format. 

Note: While citation generators are very helpful, you must edit and proof each citation before you submit your final paper. Linked to this guide are tools on MLA 8th edition citation format. 

Remember to contact a librarian at the library, via Chat Services from the GCC Library Homepage, via phone at 818.240.1000 ext. 5577, or email.

Tour of CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher is a great resource for finding reports about salient issues in the news today. Each report is organized the same way with features such as Chronology, Background/Overview, Pro/Con, and Maps/Graphs, to name only a few. You may navigate to any part of the report by going to the links on the left hand navigation. 


Tour of Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints is a similar resource to CQ Researcher in that it covers various salient topics in the news.  Opposing Viewpoints has a variety of types of sources such as newspaper, magazine, and scholarly articles among others.

The brief video below shows you the major features of the database as well as how to use the citation generator to capture a draft of the citation in MLA 8th edition format. Remember to proofread your citation for accuracy. Contact a librarian for additional help. 

Tour of ProQuest

ProQuest is the largest subscription database at the GCC Library. The brief video is a sample search of the topic gentrification and south los angeles. Because the database is so large, try to search your topic in the field "Anywhere Except Fulltext" (which is a citation and abstract search) for more relevant sources. You will also see how you can select the following options: source types, date range, language; finally, the video will show you how to sort for most recent items and how to use the citation generator. Contact a librarian if you have questions or need help. 

Tour of Academic Search Complete

The Academic Search Complete database is a robust database covering a variety of topics and subject disciplines. Like ProQuest, the default search screen is the advanced search screen which allows you to use various features at one time. 

See the below brief video on a sample search of gentrification. The following features,searching in the Abstract field, limiting to items published after 2010, and scholarly source types are shown in this video. Contact a librarian if you have questions. 

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