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Business Administration 106 - Written Business Communications - Cardona

This guide provides resources for students taking BUSAD 106 with Prof. Cardona.

What is a LinkedIN Profile?

LinkedIn is an employment-focused social media platform founded in 2003. You can use LinkedIn to manage a professional identity using a profile and engage with other workers and industries in your network. It has over 900 million users including over 60 million companies!

Similar to Facebook or Instagram, creating a LinkedIn profile does not cost money BUT you will need an email address, appropriate picture, and professional information to begin. It also collects any data you use on the platform so be aware of its privacy policy.

LinkedIn is best for:

  • Keeping track of you experiences as a student and worker
  • Sharing information about what you have done including volunteering, honor and awards, and any specialist involvement
  • Keeping in touch: People often change jobs and find new opportunities. LinkedIn allows users to stay updated on where the people in their professional network are working and how to contact them.
  • Getting help: When a user’s network of contacts can’t help with a business problem, LinkedIn Groups help the user connect with experts through trusted introductions.
  • Searching for jobs: LinkedIn’s job search feature lets users access thousands of employment listings, with options for filling out applications directly on the site. The application and the user’s LinkedIn profile are sent directly to potential employers.
  • Hiring new employees: Hiring managers can use LinkedIn to find candidates with in-demand career skills and appropriate experience.

Tips for Using LinkedIn

  • Complete your profile in full for better search results including a picture, industry, location, summary of who you are and what you do (or plan to do), current position, and work history.
  • Create a dynamic headline to grab attention. What should people know about you and why you are on LinkedIn? For example: Aspiring Accountant with Tech Sales Experience and 4.0 GPA
  • Connect with other users to expand your network using personalized messages. Search for users in an industry you are interested in or that have been where you are now (used to be at GCC, lived in Los Angeles, etc.)
  • Customize your URL! If you head to your profile, you should see a button that says, “Edit Profile & URL.” By customizing your URL, your profile is not only easier to search, but also more appealing if you choose to attach your LinkedIn profile to your résumé or email signature. An example of a customized URL could look like this:


Adapted from MindTools, Business News Daily, UCSB Careers, LinkedIn for Students, MO State

What Does a Good LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

A quality LinkedIn Profile includes a clear, friendly picture, name, well-written description and experience history, and any other activities to attract employers and network opportunities.

Remember that all experiences where you gained skills (listening, teaching, organizing, etc.) count! You can list these activities on your profile.

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