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Business Administration 106 - Written Business Communications - Cardona

BusAd 106 Assignment

Group Projects / Presentations:

The project consists of developing a Business Presentation from ONE of the SIX types of presentations outlined below:

1) Providing Information. 

This format encompasses anything from a team meeting that gives updates on a project or upcoming event to a demonstration that shows product functions.

2) Teaching a Skill. 

Your company just installed a new system or implemented a new process that requires people to learn how to use the new tool and apply the process.

3) Reporting Progress. 

As you integrate the new system into your daily routine, your boss wants to know how it’s working. You might schedule a divisional meeting or group off-site to share the progress.

4) Selling a Product or Service. 

A briefing like this might include a recap of the product or service, next steps and action items, or a discussion of needs and improvements before the product is ready to sell.

5) Making a Decision. 

It’s time for the annual holiday party and ideas are being tossed around the office. When giving your input on the location, make sure to share the must-haves and nice-to-haves for the event. When it’s time for the final decision, you can see how your idea stacks up to the other options.

6) Solving a Problem. 

This could be in a panel setting or other meeting where the problem is identified, the facts of the problem are presented and a list of causes is generated. From here, you lay out the ideal outcome, present solutions and discuss your recommendation.

All members of the team will have an opportunity to present to the class and will be graded both individually and as a group.

A RUBRIC will be posted on Canvas for your review. 

We will spend considerable amounts of time working on the development of your Business Presentations during the second half of the course. Note this assignment is based on Chapter 12. The teams will present to the class on Monday, June 3rd.  

The end result will be twofold: a 10-page written report using Word Times Roman 12 font, double space  in APA Style format AND a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation. Each team will post BOTH digital reports on Canvas on Sunday, June 2nd by 11:55 pm. All members of the teams must present in order to receive a grade. Presentations will be 15 minutes long with a 5 minute Q & A.

More information on this assignment will be posted on Canvas throughout the semester.


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