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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.1 Garfield Matters

Garfield Matters

Agata Gravante

by Krista Raimondo
Garfield Campus Steward

Agate Gravante



Glendale Community College’s Noncredit ESL program attracts unique and talented individuals from Glendale, California, and its surrounding areas. In keeping with this month’s art theme, I have decided to feature a particularly artistic student who got her start at GCC in the Noncredit ESL program at Garfield Campus. Agata Gravante completed Noncredit levels one through five before continuing to credit classes in the Fall 2018 semester. Along the way, she has positively impacted every classroom with her sensitive, understanding, and caring attitude toward everyone around her. Agata’s goal is to study Art History and get her master’s degree.


Agata Gravante is an Italian photographer and creative director from Rome, Italy. She studied photography at the European Institute of Design and photojournalism in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Agata’s love of photography began as a child when her grandfather gave her an Agfamatic 50 camera. She was instantly hooked by the magic of the camera and the sense of adventure and connection to nature and people that it gave her. According to Agata, her work is driven by light. She explores themes of identity through portraits and landscapes to evoke a sense of mystery and beauty.


Process Collitivo

In addition to working with private clients, Agata is the creative director of the Process Collettivo project, an Italian non-profit organization started by Los Angeles artist Mark Bradford that provides job training in prison. Her photos capture inmates in their prison work spaces in an effort to bring light to an otherwise unseen area of the world.

“The project will use the world stage of the Biennale to bring attention and support to social partnership models that intervene in the penitentiary system by creating employment opportunities for inmates and those who have recently returned to freedom” – Mark Bradford

View the project portfolio here:

(Pictured on the right: Agata Gravante and Mark Bradford )


Agata’s portrait and landscape work has been featured in Vogue Italy. Her portfolio boasts an impressive selection of photos taken around the world, in locations such as Haridwar and Rishikesh, India, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, New York City, Utah, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Prague.

Personal Project: Meu Mar

Meu Mar

Personal Project: Project 1

Project 1

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