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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.1 Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction

by Brian Reff
2nd Vice President, Glendale College Guild

I would like to welcome everyone to the Fall Semester of 2018 here at Glendale College. Ideally, everyone had a great summer! I will be covering two areas in this article. The first will be The Arts and the second will be adjunct news.


Here at Glendale College, we are very fortunate to have a very vibrant and dynamic Arts Program. Here are a few of them that come to my mind.

The Art Gallery in the Library, under the extraordinary leadership of David Attyah, has many exhibits throughout the year. Be sure to look at the murals around campus and the installations in and around the buildings on campus.

I think of the Ceramics Show and Sales we have, where students from our Ceramics Classes display and sell their work.

I think of the Music Department with its various performances. While thinking of the Music Department, I am reminded of the fantastic work that Beth Pflueger does for our students both in the classroom and in the Glendale College Food For Thought Food Pantry.

I think of the Theater Arts Department and the various performances it puts on throughout the course of the year.

I think of the Dance Department and its various performances.

I think of the Culinary Arts Department under the leadership of Chef Andrew Feldman, who in addition to training our students, provides catering to many, many events here on our campus with his highly skilled and energetic staff. These include lunches for the various guild functions, food for conferences here on campus, food for foundation events and food for other district events to name a few.

I almost forgot to mention Joanna Parypinski, the editor of the Chaparral, for expanding the coverage to include Artistic Endeavors of Glendale College Faculty and Staff.

Moving onto Adjunct News!

My summer was rather busy. A few conferences, a few short trips and one longer trip, but many hours of adjunct business. I spoke with many of you regarding things like your Fall Schedules, your messed up paychecks, Re-hire Rights Health Insurance and Unfair Labor Practices.

Well, we are back at it! And, I don’t know about you, but I feel like Jim Ryan chasing Roger Bannister’s Record; it just hasn’t slowed down yet!

By the time you will have read this article the following things will have happened!

We will have had Faculty Information Day and Faculty Institute Day where a few of our numerous adjuncts will have earned $200.00, for attending the morning sessions. Additionally, Paul Mayer will have been honored with the Parker Award, along with the luncheon following it, where Paul gave a phenomenal speech.

We will have had the first regularly scheduled guild meeting of the Fall Semester, where the amount of our tentative raise will be announced.

We will have had the Fall 2018 Adjunct Guild Meeting, with many great speakers. These speakers included:

  • Patrick Shahnazarian, Maintenance and Operations Manager Interim and Adjunct Instructor in the Technology and Aviation Division.
  • Lara Kartalian, Faculty Development Coordinator, who will have presented an awesome presentation on Flex!
  • Juliann Wolfgram, Glendale College’s Part Timers CFT Representative, who will have presented a very interesting and dynamic report.
  • Caroline DePiro, Chief Negotiator Glendale College Guild, who talked about Contract Negotiations.

Some of the things we will have to look forward as the semester continues:

  • The Garfield Campus’s Guild Meetings
  • The Academic Senate holding a meeting on the Garfield Campus
  • The Return of the Culinary Arts Department’s Holiday Pie Sale!

Have a great rest of the semester and thanks for reading this article!

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