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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.3 Milestones

MILESTONES of Glendale College community

Fatema Baldiwala

Fatema Baldiwala (English) is participating in Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and created an assignment for her students to post a photo of a woman entrepreneur they admire and explain how she inspires them.

Click here to see the students’ fantastic responses!

Fatema also applied for the USASBE Excellence in Pedagogical Innovation Award for her Rhetoric of Entrepreneurship 101 class, and as a finalist she received high scores across all categories of evaluation. She received the following feedback: “It’s wonderful to see such a motivated teacher! I’m glad you discovered entrepreneurship.”

Jeanette Farr

Jeanette Farr’s (Theater Arts) play, Fulfillment Center, written as a part of her sabbatical, has been selected for production with City Theater’s Winter Shorts in Miami, FL.

Angela Morales

Angela Morales’ (English) essay, “Querida Angelita,” appeared in the latest issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review and is available online at Longreads.

Joanna Parypinski

Joanna Parypinski (English) has several recent fiction publications to share. The first is her story, “Twelve By Noon” published in Tales from the Lake Vol. 5. The second is her story, “The House of Y” published in the November-December issue of Black Static.

Here is a short preview of “The House of Y” from Black Static’s website:

“I confess I had never planned on joining a sorority, the very notion being, at least to me, inextricable from a kind of sexualized femininity incompatible with my own lack of real gender conformity, yet after going through the motions of recruitment out of an abject curiosity with secret societies and social convention, I soon found myself invited to join the Y House, the strangest and least popular sorority on campus.”

Remy Ashe

Remy Ashe (Speech Communications) has recently been developing and presenting corporate seminars in Italy. She first presented seminars on Visual Communication and Public Speaking at Thales Alenia Space in Turin Italy in 2016, and this summer she presented two seminars on Technical Writing and Communication Behaviors in Small Groups at Thales Alenia Space again in Turin and also in Rome.

She also attended a symposium by Ifixit, an organization based in San Luis Obispo, this summer, which university professors from all over the country attended to bring awareness to the repair of technology as opposed to consuming and disposing of the latest tech devices. The symposium showed how students and universities can help the community with repair guides for all devices. So far the company has posted thousands of free repair guides for people who are not repair specialists. This year her students in Small Group Communications have worked together in building several repair guides which will be published at the end of the semester. The students also get authorship for their work and contribution.

Finally, she has also completed an online certificate training in Body Language, Teaching with Canvas, and Building a Supportive Community.

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