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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.5 Garfield Matters

Garfield Matters

by Krista Raimondo

Garfield Campus Steward

For this month’s theme of “communication”, I want to highlight the way that Garfield campus is communicating the importance of the Armenian Genocide remembrance to our students in the Continuing Education programs.

In honor of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day – April 24th, the Garfield Campus was proud to host a screening of the documentary, The Other Side of Home. There was a short presentation prior to the screening and a question and answer session with the film’s director, Naré Mkrtchyan, at the end of the film. A very special thanks to Harriet Cohen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, for making this happen.

Additionally, I would like to highlight our Business Division’s continuing Education fliers as part of our ongoing effort to connect students with the resources to improve job skills, enhance their chances of getting a new job, or change careers. Vocational Certificate Programs are offered for Account Clerk, General Office Clerk, Medical Front Office and Dental Front Office. At completion ceremonies, students who successfully complete the series of classes required for a vocational program are awarded a Certificate of Completion approved by the Chancellor’s Office of the State of California.

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