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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.6 Governance TidBits

Governance TidBits

by Frankie Strong
Governance Office Coordinator

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you for serving as a governance committee representative!

Frankie says: “Relax” – if you understand the reference you’re either a child of the 80’s or a hipster.

It is that time of year when the semester is coming to a close, graduation is around the corner, “birds” are leaving the nest… AND terms on governance committees are ending.

How does one know when their term ends?

First of all, what is the Blue List? The Blue List has information regarding governance committee members, what constituency each member represents, and lists a committee’s meeting time and mission statement. It is available on the governance webpage:

Ok thanks, so how does a person know when their term ends?

On the Blue List, the parenthetical numbers after a name indicate how long a rep, usually a voting member, will serve. For example, “Joe Good (18-19)”, the numbers indicate that Joe Good’s term on this particular committee will end at the close of the 2018-2019 academic year. Therefore, when the spring semester ends, Joe Good will no longer be a voting member of the committee. In the following example, we see that the term of five representatives will end:


Elizabeth Fremgen (21-22)


Rory Schlueter (21-22)

Joint Faculty:

Jeremy Talaoc (18-19), Alexa Schumacher (21-22), Michael Davis (18-19)


Dana Nartea (18-19), Carlos Kleeman (18-19), Jason Dorff (19-20),
Kit Crawford (19-20), Joe Good (18-19)

The governance office informs the outgoing representatives that their term will end. The rep is given the opportunity to be re-appointed. How? By volunteering to serve again. Volunteers are then added to the interest list, otherwise known as the pool of volunteers to be considered for an appointment. The executive board of each constituency is responsible for making appointments to governance committees (see matrix below). The matrix is from the “Tools and Resources” link that is located on the governance page in SharePoint.

Who Appoints Representatives?

Reflects the same order shown on the Blue List.


Senate Executive


Guild Executive

Joint Faculty:

Senate and Guild Execs mutually agree


CSEA President in consultation with CSEA 2nd VP and with approval of CSEA Executive


Superintendent/President in consultation with area managers


Superintendent/President in consultation with area managers


The committee may determine who serves as a Resource

Committee makes a motion and notifies the governance office

Resource member: area of expertise consultant

Minutes recorder:

Volunteer from committee may be voting or non-voting member

Sometimes non-member such as Admin. Assistant to chairperson

Faculty representatives are appointed to a 4-year term and CSEA classified representatives are appointed for a 2-year term. Student reps and resource members do not have terms of service. Most administration reps do not have terms as their seat on the committee is related to the job position.

Joe Good’s term is over; his seat is vacant! How can the committee continue without him?

When Joe exits the committee, another representative will have already been appointed. Wow! How is that so? Well, during the spring the appointing agencies are diligently working hard to fill the upcoming vacancies. Faculty seats are appointed by the Academic Senate and Guild Executives; careful consideration is key to ensuring that committee membership is balanced. The other appointing agencies, such as the CSEA Executive body, are also hard at work making appointments to ensure that there is no gap in representation.

Ideally, incoming reps begin their term at the start of July, but since most committees only meet during regular semesters, the actual start is the Fall semester.

Now, when you look at the Blue List you’ll know what those numbers in parentheses mean – but of course, you already knew it. Terms - it enables us to have broad participation from all segments of the campus.

Armed with knowledge, you can now relax and enjoy the summer!

More Info

For more information, visit the governance webpage. Check it out here:

And if I may be of any help, contact me, Frankie Strong, Governance, x5393,

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