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Chaparral 2018-2019: 27.6 Faculty United

Faculty United

by Roger Bowerman
Glendale College Guild President


Take the time, and know we have your back!

As the promise of summer buzzes into our fatigued souls, it is a perfect opportunity to think about how to use this time to renew yourself. The days get longer, and hopefully our regular workload less demanding. I know that it is during the summer months that I typically undertake therapeutic remodeling projects in my home – a renovation of my bathroom, installing hardwood floors, or some other equally physical activity. While many people might think of this as stressful, I find it reconnects me to my youth when I would help my father as he worked to remodel the family home. By engaging in this reshaping of my own living space, I break the physical and mental patterns that are the regular instructional calendar. This new work is actually a form of rest.

The point is, we all need to find things to do that can fulfill the important necessity for rest and relaxation. For some, it is finding some fun activity – for self, for partner, or for family. Fortunately, such a choice can become more affordable if you simply take a moment to see what discounts AFT provides for members of our faculty union. You receive regular updates from your Operations Officer David Hassett. However, to make sure you can easily find this information; here is the link and an important recent communication:
Your company code: GlendaleCollege

relax, read

In the near future, we will require all employees/members to enter this code along with their personal email address, to access the Recreation Connection website.

For others, the best idea is to simply chill. Don’t feel guilty if you want to spend some time binge watching some streaming content you just never seem to find time to get to. I know I plan to work through Handmaid’s Tale. I read the novel years ago, and am excited to see how that chillingly prescient work from 1985 foreshadows the recent assault on women’s rights in the United States. This is also an opportunity to read that piece of literature or nonfiction that you never seem to have time to finish. The point is, summer is the opportunity to do something for yourself simply because you want to.

It is important to know that you can confidently rest and recuperate over the next weeks and months knowing that your Guild is watching out for you. Your elected leadership will remain vigilant from mid-June through the end of August. We will work informally with the District to understand the parameters of the proposed GCC budget, readying ourselves for salary negotiations as fall picks up. We will continue to meet – albeit, not as often – to make sure that your rights and working conditions are being protected. We are here for you.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, you can rest and relax during the summer because you know your Guild will protect you. In this, we do need your help. It is vital that each of you understands that we are here to help, but that we can only help if you come to us. Every member of the Guild Executive Committee takes our job seriously. We embrace the defense of your rights as employees against violations of the Contract. But in order for us to do this for you, you need to let us know something is going on. Ask us, because a solution to your issue can start with such a simple act. Confide in us; we will keep all communications confidential as we work to help you. Trust us, for we want nothing more than to help you resolve issues with your working conditions.

We are your Guild. Let us help you relax this summer.

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